I now also offer a new Nordic Walking Service,
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Nordic walking...
...a gym without walls!

New Saturday Nordic Wellbeing class.

10-11 am at Rowntree's Park Cafe Starting on 1st October 2016

Call us today to find out about this fantastic way to improve fitness and experience the great outdoors.

Tel: 01904 651 401
Mob: 07771 921 888

Karen is not only a Personal Trainer, she motivates you, gives you lots of encouragement and is also very supportive with weekly follow up phone calls. She discusses the training
sessions with you and if you liked it or not or felt it was too strenuous or not strenuous enough. She takes onboard your input and helps you to achieve your goals. Since starting my training sessions with Karen and listening to her nutritional advice, I feel that I am less lethargic, have a load more energy, have a positive attitude, have a better outlook on life and feel 100% better within myself and about who I am. Working with Karen is not just about Personal Training, for me it was a lifestyle change and a very welcome one at that. Thanks Karen, I couldn't have done it without your help.



"We took Nordic Walking lessons for two Saturdays with Karen. The first day was rainy and dank, but Karen kept our spirits up. She has a great manner and is able to make the course fun and challenging at the same time. She taught us as a group and singly, making sure we were working at a good level for our individual abilities and goals. We would highly recommend Karen for those at any level who want some tips for learning and improving."


“My wife and I are in our seventies. Karen introduced us to Nordic Walking recently. We were very impressed by her professionalism as our teacher. We also benefitted from the personal attention she was able to provide for every member of the group."

I had lost the motivation to exercise after a days work but a couple of things happened.
Firstly I was diagnosed with age related diabetes and had to change my lifestyle.
Secondly, my wife bought me 3 sessions with Karen as a birthday present (revenge for the caravan towing course I bought for her a couple of years ago!)
Working with Karen once a week and following her programme at home has resulted in me losing weight already and reducing my waistline.
Her approach is hard but fun and she keeps pushing you a little further whilst giving plenty of encouragement and support.
She stays in contact between sessions and tailors her programme to suit your goals which in my case are:
1: To lose weight
2: To lose inches
3: To build up stamina
I know there is a long way to go and that it will become harder as the weeks go on but I intend to keep working with Karen as I would find it very difficult to do this on my own without her enthusiasm and encouragement.
I have been with Karen for three weeks now and already see results of our hard work, both physically and mentally.
I have lost weight, my body shape has changed and my confidence has returned. Working out with Karen has motivated me to power walk and exercise on my own, something I've never done. To be honest I was nervous about calling her but I needn't have worried, she's friendly and very understanding.
The programme is geared for me and she encourages me
all the way. I have to put in the work but it’s turned my
lifestyle around.
I now look forward to our workouts in her well equipped studio and enjoy our power walks.
Thanks Karen and thanks for listening!

I have had a series of ten sessions with Karen now and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them... Don't get me wrong, they have been hard work but I feel so much better for doing them. Karen also keeps in touch in between sessions to try and keep me on track and to stay focused. I may not have lost much weight but I have lost inches and my self esteem is growing by the week,which to me, that alone is worth every penny... I am just about to embark on another set of 10 sessions as they are hugely beneficial to me and I have even made a good friend out of all this... cant be bad!
"Whether you are a complete beginnner or looking for a kick-start to a previous fitness regime, Karen Heldt, personal trainer offers safe, helpful and above all effective training programmes. Karen's friendly and encouraging personality soon puts you at ease. A training programme is developed for your own specific needs and delivered in her own private and comfortable studio. Above all, Karen ensures a fun, varied and enjoyable workout to suit all ages and fitness levels."
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