I now also offer a new Nordic Walking Service,
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Nordic walking...
...a gym without walls!

New Saturday Nordic Wellbeing class.

10-11 am at Rowntree's Park Cafe Starting on 1st October 2016

Call us today to find out about this fantastic way to improve fitness and experience the great outdoors.

Tel: 01904 651 401
Mob: 07771 921 888

The Introduction Session is complementary, each session thereafter is £25. Incentives offered for booking blocks.

Learn Nordic Walking, fitness walking sessions and other walking fitness techniques. I am a qualified instructor and member of Nordic Walking UK

Nordic walking - a gym without walls.
It really is a fantastic alternative to going to the gym. So if you love the great outdoors and want to improve your fitness why not try Nordic Walking?

The sessions we offer include:

New Saturday Nordic Wellbeing class.
10-11 am at Rowntree's Park Cafe
Starting on 1st October 2016

Nordic Walking Classes - a great way to start improving fitness
Nordic Challenge - combine walking with strength and conditioning exercises as part of the session, in a similar way to circuit training
Nordic Adventure Walking - sessions where we can discuss and arrange exploring and walking in interesting and challenging locations, guaranteed to stimulate the mind as well as the body.

Our Nordic Walking Classes have proved to be very popular.
Small group technique courses or 1 to 1 sessions can be arranged, please call today for more details on 07771 921888
or 01904 651401

Nordic Walking Classes, Wheldrake, York

An important aspect of what I offer clients, from our initial consultation, throughout the design of the program, offering telephone support and the actual exercise sessions, I will attempt to keep you mentally motivated and offer an ever changing program which we will work through together encouraged by an enthusiastic, inspirational trainer.

Utilizing toning to improve the general appearance of your body by giving definition and improving body awareness and potential confidence.

Looking at Functional Fitness and improving muscle strength. There are links with weight loss when performing efficient strength programs. Full Body conditioning offered.

We look at realistic goals and attempt to achieve balance in life and encourage healthy choices, utilizing relaxation and general wellbeing techniques.

NEW - Thursday Wellbeing Class
10-11am at Rawcliffe Bar
Starting October 6th 2017

By strengthening the core the area between the ribs and the pelvis all the internal organs are more supported and protected and the power house of the body is strong and healthy. This improves posture and potentially avoiding lower back weakness or pain.

By reviewing your diet and eating habits we can make realistic suggestions for changes. Keeping a food diary is a vital part of the process and by making these changes the valuable work done with exercise will then complement the holistic approach to the training.

Getting ready for the big day! Do you need help to plan exercise and diet around your hectic lifestyles. I can help with these preparations and help get you looking and feeling radiantly healthy for your very special day.

Improve your cardiovascular system by having a motivational training work side by side with you running, cycling, rowing, power walking, and working on a one to one in the pool with Deep Water techniques. All will be made more fun and achievable with my support and gradual programmimg.

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