I now also offer a new Nordic Walking Service,
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Nordic walking...
...a gym without walls!

New Saturday Nordic Wellbeing class.

10-11 am at Rowntree's Park Cafe Starting on 1st October 2016

Call us today to find out about this fantastic way to improve fitness and experience the great outdoors.

Tel: 01904 651 401
Mob: 07771 921 888

A foundation in health with general nursing and midwifery and a
lifetime of personal persuit of fitness and health have led me to undertake a career in the fitness industry. I registered as an Individual conditioner and Group Fitness Instructor at the YMCA and I have practical experience in teaching groups and individuals with Pilates, Body Conditioning, Sports Circuit and Aquatic Fitness. I have also taught primary children in a Kids Be Active program.

Includes personal fitness assesments and basic program
development specified for the individual.

I will help encourage you to persue a happy and balanced lifestyle, while providing support and encouragement for all clients. It is my objective to motivate and encourage you towards building a stronger body and healthy mind. As a trainer I will help you determine and set your basic fitness goals. I will provide an effective workout based on individual needs that will also challenge you.

Fitness should not become your life. It should be mixed in
comfortably and conveniently into your everyday routine. it should be fun and friendly and without pressure or pain. By doing so you will stick with it and it will become a natural part of your day.

Be a positive influence on your family and friends. Set a good
example and be the support they need by encouraging them. Believe in yourself. By believing in yourself barriers can be broken resulting in personal growth and a ‘can do’ mentality.

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